mentoring & consultation

One-on-One Mentoring & Manuscript Consultation

If you’re interested in working one-on-one, please write to me about what your writing concerns and goals are, where you feel your strengths and weaknesses lie, what writers have influenced you, and what kind of work you’d like to do with me. I’ll use this information to custom-design a course of study for you. Examples of the kind of one-on-one work I do range from offering guidance and feedback to beginning writers, in the form of coordinated sequences of reading and writing assignments, to helping writers edit their work and shape manuscripts for submission. 

If you feel it would be helpful, part of our first session could be spent brainstorming about your needs and objectives and devising a strategy for our work together. Our work plan might include phone conferences or Skype meetings, email exchanges of work you’d like critiqued and, when feasible, in- person meetings. I’m willing to travel to work with you intensively, either at your home or a retreat location, provided my expenses are covered.

My fee for one-on-one mentoring is $125 per hour, with a 3-hour minimum. I offer a discount for anyone who’s an active member of a current workshop: $300 for 3 hours. In a typical hour, I’m able to read and make comments on 3 to 4 poems, depending on length and complexity, and to respond with suggestions for revision and suggestions for further reading, as well as writing exercises. 

One-on-one intensive

My private work with advanced writers or those wishing to work intensively is based loosely on the model of the low-residency MFA program:

1). I ask that you make a three-month commitment, initially, to our work together. My fee for that three-month period is $1200.

2). Each month during our three-month course of study, as per a pre-agreed deadline, you’ll send me a packet of work consisting of: a process letter or progress report on your writing, referencing particular craft issues you've struggled with over the preceding month, questions you have, responses to material you've read, etc — anything that has to do with your own writing process — and 10 to 12 pages of your work-in-progress, which might include new writing and/or revision of previously submitted work —ideally, some combination of the two. Your packets should be sent to me as Word document attachments to e-mail messages; your process letter may be typed directly into the body of the message.

3). I'll respond, within a week, with a letter including detailed comments on your work-in-progress and suggestions for further revision, if appropriate. The "track changes" function in Word allows me to suggest changes and type comments on your text in a way that leaves the original text still readable, so I'll send your text with my comments back to you as a Word attachment. I'll also make reading recommendations as well as comments on your writing habits and process. This exchange of letters will evolve into a dialogue about your work, in particular, and writing, in general. 

manuscript consultation

If you’re working on a manuscript, I can help you with developing the material, editing and polishing, sequencing poems (if a poetry manuscript) or essays or stories (if prose) and preparing the manuscript to submit for publication. I will also make suggestions about submission strategies. My fee for a chapbook- length manuscript of poetry (25- 30 pages) is $375; my fee for a book-length manuscript of poetry ( 50 -70 pages) ranges from $750 to $1,500; for prose, my manuscript consultation fee is $125/hour. 

Those interested in workshops, one-on-one mentoring, consultations, or otherwise should contact Cecilia Woloch directly here, or check in for up-to-date news at her Facebook page, here.

Note: Prices listed above are approximate.