paris poetry workshop

The Paris Poetry Workshop offers English-speaking poets from the U.S. and Europe the opportunity to come together for a week of intensive workshops, talks and readings in a city famous for inspiring artists and writers. This is a chance to see and experience a side of Paris not readily accessible to the average tourist, and an opportunity to spend time in Paris as a poet among poets. Participants generate new work, hone their craft, offer feedback and support on one another's creative endeavors, make new friends and expand their literary horizons.







los angeles writing workshop

Cecilia Woloch runs private workshops for writers in Los Angeles and organizes workshops for poets wherever she travels in the U.S. and Europe.  Her workshops include, as participants, published and prize-winning poets as well as fledgling writers. She’s able to work with writers at all stages of their development and encourages a democratic and inclusive workshop environment. Cecilia is available to lead workshops for groups of 10-12 in most any setting and time frame — from intensive one-day workshops to immersive residencies. She is also available, on a limited basis, for individual mentoring and manuscript consultation. 






istanbul poetry workshop

Since falling in love with Istanbul several years ago, Cecilia Woloch has offered an annual week-long poetry workshop at the Hotel Kybele in Sultanahmet district, in the heart of old Istanbul. A dozen poets are invited to revel in the charm and sensuality of this ancient, mysterious city, to write under the influence of its magic, to meet local artists and writers, and to explore the city with those who know its history and its secret passageways. The Hotel Kybele offers both lodging for workshop participants and space for workshops to meet just off the roof-top garden. This small, lovely, quirky hotel is only a few minutes stroll from the Blue Mosque and the Aya Sofia in one direction, and the Grand Bazaar in the other direction. The Bosphorous glimmers; minarets pierce the sky; the call to prayer echoes in the evening air...